The beach-front land parcels in pristine coastal belts in India have inherent potential to be developed as unique leisure and recreation destinations. However, it is critical to preserve the unexplored and virgin beach/coastal environment in terms of sustainable development of tourism. It also implies creating appropriate infrastructure and mitigating impacts on its ecosystems.

Principally, the assignments focused on establishing the vision for the future development keeping in view the elements of natural/coastal heritage preservation, high level of tourism infrastructure and local employment generation.

Major Projects –

  • Techno Economic Viability Report including for the Development of Luxury Beach Resort, Leisure Centre and Marina at Guhagar Beach, Maharashtra.
  • Master Plan and Design Development of Kutch Mandvi Beach, Gujarat State.
  • Master Plan for the Revitalization of Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach in Gujarat State and development of tourism infrastructure including Wellness Resort, Marine Interpretation Centre and Water Sports Centre

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