The assignments involved the development of an Eco-Tourism Model that focuses on eco education, interpretation and delivery of quality experiences. Its uniqueness centered on study and appreciation of plant diversity, nature interpretation, habitat study and behavioral aspects of wildlife, trekking tours, bird watching experiences and eco-adventure activities.

The model also proposed facilities such as Ecotourism Centre, Eco Lodge, Nature Interpretation Centre, Nature Trails/Forest Walks, Bio-diversity Park and supporting infrastructure.

Major Projects –

  • Development of Ecotourism Plan of Navegaon National Park, Maharashtra State.
  • Development of Ecotourism Plan of Sahaydri Tiger Reserve & Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra
  • Development Plan of Bio-diversity Park & Ecotourism Centre at Khandala, Pune, Maharashtra State.
  • Detailed Project Report for the Development of Buddhist Cave Heritage in Pune, Maharashtra State.
  • Ecotourism Perspective Plan of Sinhagad Valley, Pune District, Maharashtra State

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